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Christophe Tilmant

Institut Pascal, Blaise Pascal University
Campus des Cézeaux
24, Avenue des Landais
63173 AUBIERE Cedex (FRANCE)
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ISIMA, Blaise Pascal University
Campus des Cézeaux
24, Avenue des Landais - BP 10125
63173 AUBIERE Cedex (FRANCE)
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I teach since 2001. During my PhD, I was temporary lecturer at the university institute of technology of Le Puy-en-Velay in the computer science department (digital imaging option).

After that, I was hired for one year as a temporary teacher-researcher in this institution.

Currently and since 2005, I am a lecturer at the University Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand) in ISIMA (Graduate Engineering School in Computing). I teach courses related to signal processing, image processing and engineering sciences.


I joined Institut Pascal (Blaise Pascal University) in September 2005, as an Associate Professor.

The objective of the Institut Pascal (formerly LASMEA, LAMI and LGCB) project is to create a structuring pole in the field of the Sciences of the Engineering and the Systems on the Clermont-Ferrand university campus, visible at the international level. This project will collect, within the same structure, Researchers, Professors, Assistant Professors and PhD students working in Engineering Sciences (automatic, mechanical, electronics, process engineering) and Fundamental Sciences domains (physics, biochemistry).

The most recent articles

Monday 9 March 2015
by  M Christophe Tilmant

Medical Imaging

Course Description This course aims to help students understand the digital medical image acquisition and the fundamentals of medical image processing (segmentation and registration). After a course based on methodological reminders (signal processing), the courses focus to the principles of (...)
Wednesday 6 June 2012
by  M Christophe Tilmant

Depth Estimation in Gastroenterology

Context Colonoscopy is the reference medical examination for the diagnosis and treatment of neoplasia in gastroenterology. During the examination, the expert explores the colon cavity with a gastroscope in order to detect neoplasias - abnormal growths of tissue - and to diagnose which ones (...)

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